Trip to Modelzone


Made the annual trip to Modelzone today and picked up a number of things:

First of all, some more Revell Aquacolour paints; the all important Silver (to get on with my Canberra painting) as well as some Dark Green, and some Light Grey which I was running very low on.

On top of that I finally got round to purchasing some Humbrol Maskol to try out, a few extra brushes in varied sizes and some Evergreen styrene strip to detail various upcoming kits including the Do17 and possibly the Italeri Spit I also got, which you'll here about in a minute..

The kits that I purchased along with the supplies just mentioned only consist of two...

1. The Italeri Mk.VII Spitfire in 1:72 Scale to add to my ever-growing, beloved collection of Spitfires.. I intend to have built every mark of Spitfire by retirement, you see...

2. The Tamiya 1:48 Scale Mossie which I've had my eye on for a very long time now. That was a shade off twenty-eight quid and so that's the end of the kits list unfortunately. The Mosquito is my favourite aircraft of all time and so I still came away a happy bunny..

Detailed inboxes of both kits will arrive shortly on my channel and possibly in the Reviews section here as well, hopefully.
Since I completed my Airfix Mk.IXc Spitfire, I've been frustrated with the invasion stripe decals which didn't settle down at all. This was largely due to the fact that I didn't use softener which I do use now. So, anyway, recently I scratched off the horrible transfers and redid them with the aid of some Tamiya 6mm masking tape (which conveniently near enough the scale width of the stripes - 6mm). Here are some progress pictures. I'm very happy with the turnout...

1:72 Scale


I primarily feature 1:72 Scale model aircraft from the iconic WWII era on my channel, but recently I've decided to get back into to doing some more 1:48 Scale kits. I've been hooked on 1:72 Scale for so long and I think a change would.. make a change.  Anyway, over this half-term period I'm going to be picking up a few more kits for my stash, and I hope mainly in 1:48 Scale!
This always seems to happen for some reason; I plan a themed month then decide to postpone it or forget it altogether. Anyway, basically I'm postponing it until March. At the moment I just have too many non-bi-plane kits on the go that I want to get finished and you know what happens if I drift away from one kit to another.. I don't go back!