I'm not going to go through the whole story as a video has already been posted on the topic which you can find on my YT channel, but basically I'm beginning to get to grips and use my airbrush and compressor which were both handed down to me a while ago.

Trip to Modelzone


Made the annual trip to Modelzone today and picked up a number of things:

First of all, some more Revell Aquacolour paints; the all important Silver (to get on with my Canberra painting) as well as some Dark Green, and some Light Grey which I was running very low on.

On top of that I finally got round to purchasing some Humbrol Maskol to try out, a few extra brushes in varied sizes and some Evergreen styrene strip to detail various upcoming kits including the Do17 and possibly the Italeri Spit I also got, which you'll here about in a minute..

The kits that I purchased along with the supplies just mentioned only consist of two...

1. The Italeri Mk.VII Spitfire in 1:72 Scale to add to my ever-growing, beloved collection of Spitfires.. I intend to have built every mark of Spitfire by retirement, you see...

2. The Tamiya 1:48 Scale Mossie which I've had my eye on for a very long time now. That was a shade off twenty-eight quid and so that's the end of the kits list unfortunately. The Mosquito is my favourite aircraft of all time and so I still came away a happy bunny..

Detailed inboxes of both kits will arrive shortly on my channel and possibly in the Reviews section here as well, hopefully.
Since I completed my Airfix Mk.IXc Spitfire, I've been frustrated with the invasion stripe decals which didn't settle down at all. This was largely due to the fact that I didn't use softener which I do use now. So, anyway, recently I scratched off the horrible transfers and redid them with the aid of some Tamiya 6mm masking tape (which conveniently near enough the scale width of the stripes - 6mm). Here are some progress pictures. I'm very happy with the turnout...

1:72 Scale


I primarily feature 1:72 Scale model aircraft from the iconic WWII era on my channel, but recently I've decided to get back into to doing some more 1:48 Scale kits. I've been hooked on 1:72 Scale for so long and I think a change would.. make a change.  Anyway, over this half-term period I'm going to be picking up a few more kits for my stash, and I hope mainly in 1:48 Scale!
This always seems to happen for some reason; I plan a themed month then decide to postpone it or forget it altogether. Anyway, basically I'm postponing it until March. At the moment I just have too many non-bi-plane kits on the go that I want to get finished and you know what happens if I drift away from one kit to another.. I don't go back!
    Whilst tucking in to a toastie I thought I'd give you the lowdown on Bi-plane month. All is under way with the classic Airfix Tiger Moth kit kicking things off. The idea for the themed month came from the fact that I have four bi-plane kits stashed away waiting to be built. The moth is 70% built and I'm passed the stage of fixing the struts to the upper wing. It took me half an hour to get the buggers in place..
    Anyways, the moth video should be uploaded on the first of the month. Wish me luck averaging one kit a week.. I didn't realise I'd picled the shortest month



I've finally got round to buying some MicroSol from the internet. Up until now I've not used any special decal solution, but that's about to change. From now on I'll be using MicroSol whenever needed for the decalling process - well that is; as soon as it comes through the letterbox ;) The reason for the purchase is because I have about six 60s/70s Airfix kits with the original, awful decals which I'm nervous about using without MicroSol.

Until next time,

Ta ra.
How bad can a wing to fuselage fit be? Well if you pick up the newish kit from Airfix of the Mk.22 its possible to experience one that was never known to the plastic modeller. I had to remove about a mm of plastic from the fuselage to get it to fit and I had to clip bits of the bottom of the cockpit frame using nail-clippers just to get an average fit. Even then it was a fuss to keep the wings held in the correct position. Anyway a video will be coming up soon.
After a six month break I returned to the build with a new camera and more enthusiasm. The video should appear soon if everything goes according to plan. When I returned to the model I noticed some warping in the wings. I think I can vaguely remember having a spillage of glue when assembling them. The polycement works by melting two components together for a strong bond, I gather, so  maybe it has the power to warp the plastic as well. Up to this point that was the only problem with the build, however once I'd found the clear parts sprue, I noticed the windshield was missing. Been looking for the damn thing for ages now and still can't find it.. :( Might have to rip one of one of my other bolts just for the video.
After a 6 month break, I'm getting back into modelling, starting with the Airfix Boston III.